• Our Selection Process

  • It’s hard to keep up in life - you’ve got deadlines to meet, people you want to socialise with and relationships to build. Unfortunately, due to our soil health and farming practices, you’re lacking in several key nutrients even when prioritising getting the right balance of nutrients and minerals from your diet. You’re probably lacking in Magnesium and Vitamin B or even more without even knowing. So you might be thinking popping a few generic vitamin pills will prevent any problems in future, and for many reasons, it’s not that simple.

    Why not go a step further and have your vitamins work harder for you? That’s why we’ve taken a dual approach to select multifunctional, innovative ingredients on top of what you may already know your body needs to help you stay healthy and prevent deficiencies that may be holding you back from your full potential.

    Legacy Vitamins are not your average vitamin. We deep-dived into the latest studies and clinical research into adaptogens, nootropics and natural extracts (botanicals) that will help maintain your wellbeing.

    Nootropics enhance brain function, reduce feelings of anxiety, and have anti-inflammatory activity. The nootropic L-Theanine, in Legacy Vitamins blend Mind, is an amino acid (a building block of proteins) that’s enhanced by your morning coffee which contains caffeine - another notable nootropic. Cognizin (CDP-Choline) in the Legacy Vitamins blend Stamina, is another nootropic with the added benefit of helping “to mitigate cognitive declines associated with ageing” according to a 2008 study on Cognizin’s active ingredient (CDP-Choline).

    Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera or Indian Ginseng) and Siberian Ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus) are key ingredients and are known as active adaptogens. They have been shown to help reduce physical, biological, chemical and psychological stress.

    • 2019 study on Ashwagandha suggested that “Ashwagandha root aqueous extract was beneficial in reducing stress and anxiety.”

    • In a 2021 study looking at the efficacy and safety of Ashwagandha, “treatment with one Ashwagandha SR (sustained release) capsule once daily for 90 days improved memory and focus, psychological well-being, and sleep quality, reduced stress levels, and was safe and well-tolerated.”

    • Furthermore, a 2012 study on Ashwagandha suggested a “high-concentration full-spectrum Ashwagandha root extract safely and effectively improves an individual's resistance towards stress and thereby improves self-assessed quality of life.”

    • After a study in 2015 showed Ashwagandha improved muscle strength and recovery, a 2021 study suggested Ashwagandha helped improve cardiorespiratory endurance in athletic adults.

    • A study from 2001 on Siberian Ginseng suggested it increases energy levels due to occupying “stress hormone receptors which function to redistribute the body’s energy reserves from regeneration to activity.”

    We wanted Legacy Vitamins to be vegan, free from heavy metal contamination and as sustainable and clean as possible without compromising the ingredients within. And even though regulations state that we don’t need to put certain ingredients on the label, including ingredients called technical aids, stabilisers or absorption enhancers, we publish them anyway.

    Technical aids are involved in processes used to ensure the absolute highest quality of a compound. These technical aids are not to be confused with fillers and flow agents that companies commonly point out. What we have seen is that the majority of supplement brands do not label technical aids. We’ve got nothing to hide, and want to be as transparent as possible, so you can trust what you’re putting in your body to support your wellbeing. We’re confident these Ingredients for Living will make a difference in your day-to-day life.

    We even went a step further and looked at what you’re probably getting enough of from your current diet, such as Vitamin C, and cut it out of our blends. The truth is, you’d probably get enough Vitamin C from having pizza, a salad or drinking something with ascorbic acid (the chemical name for Vitamin C) as it’s so common in everything you eat or drink, including being used as a preservative.

    Legacy Vitamins are far from your average “off-the-shelf” vitamins, and there are patented ingredients which are hand-picked, scientifically researched and specifically optimised for human consumption to create a curated blend. Patented ingredients are often associated with special qualities, such as protecting a unique technology, the purity of material and bioavailability. They are also backed by pre-clinical and clinical data. We have full conviction in our formula because of the research behind it.

    So why do we include a Vitamin B complex? Well, it’s likely you’re not getting enough Vitamin B in your diet, and there are many benefits of taking Vitamin B daily.

    • In a 2013 meta-analysis it was shown that Vitamin B “has a beneficial effect on perceived stress, mild psychiatric symptoms, and aspects of everyday mood in apparently healthy individuals. Supplements containing high doses of B vitamins may be more effective in improving mood states.”

    • Furthermore, a 2019 systematic review and meta-analysis of Vitamin B supplementation showed that there is “evidence that B group vitamin supplementation (either alone or with a multivitamin) may also benefit mood in healthy and at-risk individuals.”

    We benchmarked our Ingredients for Living against what’s currently on the market in the world of nutritional support. We asked multiple independent teams of nutritionists, doctors, pharmacists and pharmaceutical researchers for their insight on the body and mind connection. We also sought to ensure our quality control was top-notch and safe, so we can deliver the highest grade blends and you can reap the rewards daily.

    We discovered that patented vitamins and minerals were proven through studies to outperform “off-the-shelf” vitamins. Your body can absorb them better, and they’re more bioavailable to your cells so they can get to work faster. As a result, patented vitamins came at a price. But we believe they are worth the investment. We wouldn’t have settled for anything less than the highest standards for Legacy Vitamins.