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Key Ingredient: Safr’Inside™

90 Vegan Capsules

449 SEK

A 30-day supply of capsules curated to promote wellbeing and support a balanced lifestyle.

A convenient daily dose of three capsules containing fruit extracts, adaptogens and clinically proven ingredients, believed to contribute to aspects like sleep, recovery, immunity and a sense of rejuvenation.







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How can Remedy help you?

Do you find it hard to get enough good quality sleep, recover from aches and pains, or fight off colds and infections?

Our frantic modern lifestyles can make it challenging for us to look after our bodies and get enough rest, leaving many of us feeling run-down and fragile.

Remedy contains a blend of antioxidants, fruit extracts, adaptogens, and clinically proven ingredients. It’s curated to support your body's wellbeing, with a focus on optimising rest and recovery. Antioxidants are believed to assist in preventing or slowing cell damage and are found in high levels in fruit extracts, particularly Elderberry.

Adaptogens are thought to have the potential to support normal immune system function, help the body cope with stress, enhance bodily systems, and contribute to calming inflammation.

Remedy Can Support
  • Rejuvenation
  • Inflammation
  • ㅤMoodㅤ
  • Immune System
Opening Legacy Vitamins Remedy

How It Works


Albion™ Minerals Magnesium

Elderberry Fruit Extract

Albion™ Minerals Zinc

Coenzyme Q10

Vitamin E


Saffron Extract (Safr’Inside™)

Vitamin D3 (Vita-algae D3®)


Vitamin B Complex

Pullulan Plantcaps

Female holding Remedy from Legacy Vitamins

Why should I choose Legacy Vitamins?
Many generic vitamins are low-quality and difficult for your body to absorb. Our capsules include only the most effective, clinically-proven ingredients and natural extracts.

Transparency is important to us, which is why we don’t hide what goes into our unique vitamin blends. We don’t pad our products out with fillers, artificial colours, sweeteners, sugar or caffeine, and we’ve sought out the best possible extracts for maximum efficacy.

How quickly will I notice a difference?
You may notice the potential effects of Remedy after a few days. Some users have reported experiencing increased energy levels and a refreshed feeling upon waking up. To stimulate potential immune system support and recovery, it is recommended to take Remedy with your first meal of the day.

Many of the ingredients are believed to have a compounding effect that may contribute to the overall strength of your immune system over time, so we’ve made it easy for you to stick to your routine with our refill system.

Refill Reminder
Don’t forget to keep your green lid and base as you will only receive the inner unit from us when you order a new refill