Why I started Legacy Vitamins

When I tell people I founded a supplements company, their first reaction is “Why?”.

When I then tell them our first products will support their pursuit of wellbeing — perform better, rest better, and get their mental game in check — their reaction is mainly silence, followed by an “if you eat right you do not need vitamins”.

I can see their minds churning. Why vitamins? Why me? Frankly, I do not blame them. I am a healthy 21-year-old male trying to solve a problem they associate with old people and fitness freaks. Based on what is commonly (mis)understood about the topic, their silence is understandable.

There are two reasons why we started this company: to make people feel better by getting the right nutrients, and to make it easier to feel better.

Let me share our story, explaining why we are devoted to solving this problem, and why it’s important.


When I was 17, I set a personal goal of fighting Anthony Joshua, former boxing Heavyweight Champion of the World, within 8 years. I have been dedicated to physical activity and human performance for as long as I can remember. Throughout my childhood, I performed various sports from basketball to Olympic diving, and I started lifting heavy weights in my early teenage years. Human performance, movement, and nutrition became the only things that mattered to me. I was obsessed.

When I was 19 I stumbled upon and joined a tech startup in Stockholm. I joined early and became part of the core team. I had found a new obsession. I started prioritizing work in every possible way. Lunch was switched for the fastest and most efficient option, sleep was cut. But most of all, my boxing training and physical activity that had been such a core part of my life and identity for the last 10 years, was radically reduced.

Even though I was totally aware of the importance of the right nutrition, and the value of physical activity for mental performance and physical health — I ignored all my learnings and overlooked the signs of mental and physical fatigue.

Frankly, I think a lot of people get stuck in this trap of knowing what they have to do but pushing it aside due to its inconvenience.

Humans are creatures of habits. Legacy Vitamins simplifies the process of finding, buying, and taking the right vitamins— so it is easier to stick to your routine.


At the beginning of 2021, I tore my chest muscle during training. I ended up having surgery and was told I would not be able to move my arm for 6 months, train for 9 months, or lift any weights for 12 months.

I could not accept it. There had to be a better and faster way to recover. So I dove deeper into learning about nutrition, vitamins, minerals, and protein peptides. I tested everything. At one point I had 15 tubs of different generic vitamins and minerals, taking 1–2 capsules of each, every single day.

What I quickly realized was that these supplement companies were stuffing their products full of fillers and flow agents — why? Basically ‘fillers’ bind nutrients for cheaper, and faster production of lesser quality ingredients. Luckily, we manufacture our capsules with natural alternatives— it just takes longer, costs more, and requires more expensive machinery. An obvious choice in our eyes.

I then fell through the same trap once again. Even though I knew I had to do this for an optimized recovery, it became a process I pushed aside and forgot. I kept saying “I will take them after breakfast, after lunch, after dinner”. There was no easy way for me to keep track of my supplement intake.

I started researching if others were experiencing the same and studied the supplement industry and its developments. To my surprise, I found that many are experiencing the same problem but there is no simple option that solves it.

Eventually, the tech startup I worked with and invested in got acquired in May of 2021, which gave me time to go all-in on this space that had been luring me for years.


What to choose?

When going even deeper into the supplements space, I saw nothing but generic vitamins being sold with little to no explanation on why you need them and what benefits they have.

Filling this gap is my mission with Legacy Vitamins. Making an otherwise messy process, digestible and simple for the regular person. Curated vitamins and minerals of the highest standard, assembled with a few specific goals in mind: Perform better, recover faster, and think clearer.


We created a personalised vitamin collection without any unnecessary steps, allowing you to get the maximum benefits as soon as you decide to invest in your health.

  1. You answer a handful of questions based on your life and wellbeing goals.
  2. You receive our recommendation for your vitamin routine.
  3. Your personalised vitamin pack is shipped to you. And thanks to our curated blends, you only have to consume 3 capsules a day.

Once you subscribe, you will receive the inner refill unit for your vitamin routine every month right on time, for you to never break your routine. To replace your refill, simply pop out your refill unit, recycle and replace it.


Many of us want to be more intentional about the food we eat, and try to exercise as much as possible— but there is more to our wellbeing than just eating well and exercising.

Research indicates that the European and US population is struggling to fulfill their daily nutrient requirements due to hectic work schedules and changing lifestyles. People do not get all the recommended amount of important nutrients from food alone [12], which increases our dependency on dietary supplements to fulfill the nutrient requirements owing to their high convenience. This is why we started Legacy Vitamins.

Moreover, European and US studies have found that patient non-adherence to prescribed medication is common: on average, 40–50% of prescribed medicines are not taken correctly [34]. The same goes for nutrient supplements. If people forget to take the medication their doctor has prescribed for them, how likely are they to remember taking their vitamins?

This is what we are trying to solve. Our product is designed to reduce the effort of remembering to consume your vitamins.


The pursuit of wellbeing drives everything we do. To us, wellbeing is a combination of health, happiness, clarity, and comfort. We want to help as many people as we can in their pursuit of wellbeing.

Wellbeing also represents our care for the environment, which is reflected in our approach to core decisions in the company.

I had the privilege to be raised by very environmentally conscious parents. Our household had a holistic approach to recycling and reducing excess. As kids, my brother and I had the chore to rip apart packages, sort them out correctly and take the sorted materials to the recycling center. This cultivated a strong sense of environmental responsibility in me.

For Legacy Vitamins this means reducing waste wherever possible, implementing thoughtful design interventions as our refill system, collaborating closely with selected manufacturing partners, and also keeping the majority of our supply chain within Europe.

We are dedicated to providing a higher quality and greater sustainability in all that we do, constantly challenging industry practices and standards.


Legacy Vitamins will strive to be the easiest and most digestible way to receive the right nutrients.

There is constant innovation happening in our industry, and we expect this to only accelerate in the coming years. We will look for inspiration in our community to keep serving our members in their pursuit of wellbeing. We will progress adaptively and hope to play an important role in the industry as a whole.


Thanks for making it to the end. To learn more about Legacy Vitamins please visit takelegacy.com or reach out to me at ruben@takelegacy.com. I am happy to chat.

Thanks to Tilde Zetterström, Mehran Najafi, and Edward Cederlund for reading drafts of this.

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